Mono Men show - Bellingham

Wow this night was a blower! Everything kicked off for us playing a little instro set at the Hand to Mouth Gallery. Nothin’ like Les Mono Men under glass. Special thanks to the Narrows boys for letting us use their Marshalls, and to everyone at the Hand to Mouth.

The Nightlight show was totally packed and filled with beer, hot liqs, sweat and smashed guitars! It was so great to see all the old faces out of their living rooms… Had a really great time taking with Brian and Bob from Gravel in the green room. We were talking about how we first met at a show we shared the bill on way back in the old days.
Brian & Bob from Gravel
Them with the Pounding Serfs I in Game for Vultures. We quickly moved forward in time talking about the shows the amazing Gravel and Mono Men played together over those years.
I played with Star Spangled Bastards and it was a real good show. Loud as heck. Hi-lite for me was definitely our cover of Everybody Else by the Mortals.
Mono Men show was really hot. Bodies of all kinds crushed up against the stage. Beer and all kinds of other crap was flying all over the place. I was soaked.

From the show - Watch Outside:

Also a smokin’ version of Right Now:

Throat Jeff Braimes (Watts) somehow slathered his way on stage and joined us on a wild rendition of One Shot.

I had some really appropriate equipment problems as amps stopped working, cables failed and my Les Paul Gold top basically disintegrated in my hands. Big chunks of the neck were flying everywhere. Can you say ROCK? For the encore I grabbed Bastards Nick’s SG. (thanks Nick)
Anyway it was great to see everyone and the show certainly rocked. And as to be expected the bartenders did very well ‘cause of our heavy drinkin’ fans.

See you in Spain!


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  1. Did anyone record it (audio or video) I got lots to trade

    am 09. 04. 2006 um 20:15 Uhr by EL KABONG
  2. Looked like there were some people shooting video… I hope to have some chunks posted up here.

  3. Saturday’s Nightlight show was just as fuckin’ great as when I saw you guys at the Chamelon Club in San Francisco in 1992!! I can’t believe how bad ass you guys are after not playing in how long??!!!

    A night of Rock and Roll that I needed SOOO bad in these dark musical times!!



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