Load Out

Load Out
I am in the Madrid Airport waiting for the jet home. Dave, wife Bekki, Aaron, and Ledge are staying behind for another 5 days to vacation and meet up with some people. If you spot them buy ‘em a shot. I gotta get back home.

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be out on tour overseas. It’s like driving in a van all day long, looking out at the country side, standing around for hours not knowing what the plan is, or if there is a plan, walking, walking, and walking, sweat, drinking, people screaming at the top of their lungs in a foreign language before and after the show, butchering their names, and staying up until sunrise. The time you have on stage is a relief in many ways. That is pretty much it.

We were talking after the show with one of the opening acts the
Mistaken. They were commenting on how powerful we were on stage. “Watch you American bands, buy the same amps and guitars but we can’t get that kind of power” As I have said so soften it is how you play and not what you play that makes the difference. I hope us old men can pass on a little rock education to these upcoming kids.

Coming back and playing these shows has been really amazing. Maybe better than I expected. Really it’s about being around these “brothers” again and having more good times. We have been through so much in the past and this is another chapter to add. Also I can’t tell you how many people come up and say, “I have been wanting to see you for 15 years and now I am getting the chance!” In our home town a lot of the scensters had heard of the history and then they got a chance to see the Mono Men were all about. And we did serve a dose up in true Mono Men fashion. Hard, fast, loud. Full ‘o sweat liquor and ear splitting amp volume.

For those of us who saw the Mono Men for the first time. You are welcome. This was or IS a true representation of the shows the Mono Men smashed over peoples heads for years.

For those of you who caught us in the past… Thanks for remembering and we hope to see you again in fewer than 10 years!


Will be putting up a lot more stuff in the next weeks from the Spanish Attack Shows and from the past.

Have pictures or video of the Mono Men? We want to post it! Send them to mort@monomen.net.
Check back every once and while. I’ll see if I can keep you all up to date on what everyone is doing.


  1. all i got to say is full-on rock and roll! it’s been a week since the ‘ham show and i’m just now able to make it through a whole day without feeling like i’m gonna pass out. and my ears still buzz when i talk. but it was damned worth it. thanks, monodudes. i loves yas.

    am 15. 04. 2006 um 15:30 Uhr by josie cat
  2. Damn, guys! I missed out, but it’s good to see the original crew kickin’ out tha muthafukkin’ jams! A-dog, you’re still my favorite drummer, hands down. Keep it up, wherever or whoever you play!

    bosshoss aka Jake tha Snake, ex-bastard

    am 18. 04. 2006 um 16:54 Uhr by bosshoss

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